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On top of Olivia Keene being an amazing ambassador for On Pointe Magazine she is also, of course an amazing dancer. Go check her out on Instagram, @olivia.dancer12 .

Olivia Keene: Latest News
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Olivia Keene: Latest News


I love to dance and portray myself through the art form. I started dance because of my mom and my aunt, they didn't think much of dance until I became for passionate about it. I started dance when I was two and a half years old and now I've been dancing for over ten years. I've been competing for six years at my studio, Release Dance Academy (RDA). With other sports their's a specific way to do things or you won't succeed, but with dance their are so many styles and ways to express yourself. I love being an ambassador for this wonderful page and love to share what I do throughout my dancing career.

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