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Dru Blackthron is On Pointe's only cheer ambassador. Go check her out on Instagram @dru.blackthornx .

Dru Blackthorn: News

Some more from Dru

Hi, I’m dru and I’m a 14 years old cheerleader from Los Angeles.
I love cheer because of the family feeling it creates and because I alway feel free and happy while doing it. I started cheering in March 2013 (I was around 9) because I wanted to try something new, be more happy and meet new people. Prior to this my family had a difficult moment and some of my friends from school wanted me to try cheer. After that, I’ve always done cheer and I love it more everyday. I’ve been a flyer for 4 years and this is my second year as a main base. In a few weeks me and my family will move to Arizona so I can tryout for better teams that I’ve always wanted to be on. I wish everyone could have a passion like mine to be happy.

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