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Who We Are

I am 15 years old who enjoy dancing a lot !! I do a lot of styles including, modern, lyrical, jazz, contemporary,musical theatre, and tap! I love to dance as it is a way I can express my self and let my body go! When I dance I feel I am a better version of my self as I don’t need to think about what I look like. When I dance I forget everything that is around me and just enter a different world. My sister (twin ) Lauren is a big inspiration to me! And I look up to her a lot with the dancing  
In the future I want to become a paramedic! Well I’m sure you are all thinking  that’s nothing to do with dance? However, in my eyes they link! Dance is a sport that you can socialise with other people you dance with and help each other go improve and have fun and help their mental side be a happy one. 
Being a paramedic would mean I help people feel better about them self but just in more of a physical way and somethings a mental side. My dream before I enter that career I would like to perform on the west end stage performing a variety of different shows!

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